My Sales Funnel Theory of Article Marketing X

Now you have the final product in your sales funnel. Remember we were speaking about building your sales funnel by the biggest product and go down, rather than beginning with your smallest product and adding new products.

Now that you have your final solution, clickfunnels pricing comparison you may think about whatever you do in terms of having people into a earnings funnel that will finally wish to buy your highest – ticket item.

This of course is in contrast to selling a $10 product and hoping they’ll buy your $97 product. Instead, you are starting with the 5000 product, and now you are simply asking your self, who’ll get this item, and then work on only bringing people to a sales funnel who will suit that profile.

With the item we spoke in Part X, who would buy this?

1) Someone with their own offline company and needs to Go on the Internet

2) Someone that will manage $5000

3) Somebody who has a significant work ethic (goes with owning their very own offline business).

4) Someone who likes you

Now that we understand that, what kinds of services and products can we make that will lead one to the particular $5000 purchase?

Notice how significantly different this approach is than trying to think of this upcoming major product to put on the front end?

How can this influence the content you write? If that $5000 product were your target sale, how could that influence the content you write, the topics you write on, and the tone and attitude where you write?

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